5 Must-Have Accessories When Travelling With Toddlers

5 Must-Have Accessories When Travelling With Toddlers

travelling with toddlers

As a parent, taking care of your children is already a tough job, and when you have to travel with them, it gets quite challenging. The most difficult task while travelling with toddlers is to decide what to pack and what not to.


Don’t be bogged down with unnecessary goods and excessive baggage.

 Herein, we are sharing 5 must-haves to carry to make your and your little one journey a little easier both mentally and physically:


1.   A lightweight stroller

This is so obvious. 

When you have a lightweight stroller, it becomes convenient for you to travel and enjoy with your baby anywhere comfortably.

This way the baby remains happy and you do not get tired while holding the baby for a longer time.

Some other benefits of the lightweight stroller are: 

  • Easy to carry
  • Light to push and handle
  • Super compact
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Simple to manoeuvre
  • Less expensive

2.   A diaper bag

From clothes to diapers, wipes, and other essentials, a baby may need a lot of stuff, especially when you are not at home. 

A diaper bag is one of the best accessories where you can keep, organise, and store anything that your baby needs when travelling.

However, a diaper bag must have enough storage capacity and a lot of interior and exterior pockets, to incorporate dozens of things.

3.   Mini travel crib

Don’t forget to carry a portable comfy bed or travel baby crib to make bedtime safe and sound for your little prince or princess in an unfamiliar place.

Some of the features to look for when buying a crib for travelling are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and setup
  • Highly durable
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Adjustable and convertible

4.   Baby Mattress

Oftentimes, toddlers become cranky and irritable, if they don’t rest well.

A child needs more sleep than an adult. To provide an adequate amount of rest to your little ones, do carry their favourite baby mattress, organic cotton sheets and other sleeping accessories.

All of this will provide them with the much-needed comfort and help them fall asleep faster and longer.


5.   Toys

Travelling for long hours can be boring for toddlers. Distract them or keep them engaged using their favorite squeaky toys. And if you are out in a park, you can use babies play mats to allow them some rest and play with their toys.  You can also install a portable playpen or play yard for your baby to have a great time playing with multiple toys.


In the end…

Travelling with a toddler is not a nightmare.

Advance planning and a little preparation can make the journey a breeze and comfortable for you and your little one. Visit https://raab.com.sg/ and buy anything from play mat to toilet seat, crib, playpen and so much more for your kids.