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Discover the ultimate destination for all your baby furniture needs at our comprehensive online store in Singapore. From quality baby cots to safe playpens, we offer a wide range of baby furniture products to cater to every aspect of your baby's journey. Shop with confidence and convenience, knowing that we have everything you need to nurture and care for your little one.

RaaB Family: Your Top Choice To Buy Baby Furniture in Singapore

At RaaB Family, we take pride in being your top choice for baby furniture in Singapore. Our exquisite collection combines both functionality and style, offering a variety of cots, playpens, and storage options that not only ensures your baby's comfort but also enhances your nursery's aesthetics. Trust us to provide durable and safe furniture pieces that create a warm and inviting space for your little one to grow and thrive. The best part? You make your purchases conveniently online! 

Reverie Kids Playhouse with Safety Gate

Transform playtime into a magical adventure with the Reverie Kids Playhouse. This enchanting playhouse not only sparks your child's imagination but also ensures their safety with a built-in gate. It's the perfect addition to your little one's world of wonder.

Classic Playpen

The Classic Playpen provides a secure space for your child to explore and play. Sturdy and reliable, this timeless design offers parents peace of mind while offering children a world of fun. Create a safe haven for your little explorer.

Play Mat

Delight in a world of comfort and creativity with our Play Mat. Soft and easy to clean, it provides a perfect space for playtime, tummy time, and learning. Its antibacterial properties ensure a hygienic environment, keeping your child safe and healthy as they explore and play. 

Baby Cot

Ensure a restful night's sleep for your baby with our Baby Cot. Crafted with care and designed for both comfort and safety, it's the ideal choice for your little one's slumber. Create a cosy and secure environment for sweet dreams.

House Storage

Keep your child's room tidy and stylish with our House Storage solution. This not only helps organise toys and essentials but also adds a touch of charm to your child's space. Enjoy a clutter-free and delightful play area.

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Fun Time

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