Natural Mattress

 What Are Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattresses are among the most popular types of mattress because of their durability and comfort. Latex conforms to your body more generally than memory foam, and bounces back quickly.

Latex Mattresses are Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest draws to latex mattresses is how natural they are. This has been an attractive feature since the 1950s. They avoid harsh chemicals, and some are even biodegradable.

Where Does Natural Latex Come From?

Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees, and because it’s natural, there’s minimal off-gassing. 100% of natural latex mattresses are harvested from the tree, so there are no harsh chemicals in the mattress. 

Latex is Well-Known for Being Comfortable.

Latex foam mattresses are highly comfortable, which is a big reason they’re so popular. They’re springy and bounce back once pressure lifts off of them, but they also contour to the body.

Latex mattresses are ideal for sleepers who move a lot at night. Unlike memory foam, latex mattresses don’t take long to reshape to the body after it moves.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses

Aside from being eco-friendly and extremely comfortable, latex mattresses are naturally cool, and don’t have the heating problems that some other mattresses can develop.

Latex mattresses are also durable, especially if they’re made of natural latex. You don’t even have to flip the mattress; it stays comfortable where you first put it. Most latex mattresses can last more than 20 years.

Top Benefits of Latex Mattresses Summed Up

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Ultra Comfortable
  • Naturally, sleep cool
  • Long Lasting
  • Fewer Allergens