5 Ways Play Mat Plays an Important Role in a Child's Development

5 Ways Play Mat Plays an Important Role in a Child's Development

Every parent wants the best for their children. 

From a baby crib to organic covers, there are dozens of products that are essential for your little one’s mental and physical growth.

A play mat is one of the important activity tools to keep your child engaged and has several health benefits.

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You can use it from the day your child is born all the way until they are attending school. Read this article to find out how a play mat helps your child grow:


1.   Boosts motor skills

Play mats allow your little ones to roll on their back, walk on their legs, and crawl on their knees, thus developing their motor skills.

It also helps your child to strengthen their muscles and bones around the legs, arms, neck, back, and stomach.

Some play mats have interactive features and hanging toys which keep your baby engaged.


2.   Cognitive benefits

Play mats in bright colours, shapes, textures, and patterns boost the mental and cognitive growth of babies. The one that comes with attached mirrors intrigues the young minds.

Moreover, mats with hanging toys encourage babies to act and react on their own without any external motivation.


3.   Visual development

At the time of birth, babies are nearsighted which means they can not see far away objects clearly. 

It takes a few months for them to clearly see things and differentiate between colours and objects shape/size. It is fascinating to them and helps in improving their vision.


4.   Better hand-eye coordination

Play mats improve hand-eye coordination in babies.

For instance, when a baby sees a colourful toy or object, he or she uses both hands and eyes to bring the object close. 

Continuous use of play mats improves this coordination and helps in their overall growth and development.


5.   Enhances sensory skills 

Sensory stimulation is one of the best ways to interact and play with babies during their first year.

For instance, once your baby starts growing, hang rattles or music toys in the play mat. This will help babies develop the ability to search for sounds with their eyes and ears. 

This improves self-awareness and sensory stimulation to listen and touch.


6.   Benefit of Play Mats

Buying a play mat will be the wisest choice you will ever make for your newly born child.

Babies who use play mats are good at self-discovery and mental development as compared to those who do not use them.