When to put playpen to protect the baby?

When to put playpen to protect the baby?

Baby gate fence can be your best friend to keep your tiny tot away from risks or dangers like reaching out the stairs, fireplaces, edgy corners, electronics, and the stove. It’s an easy-to-fix up safety baby product that gives a peace of mind to parents, specifically when their baby starts to get more curious about their surroundings and become more mobile.

However, when you are going to buy a safety fence or play yard to put around the play mat creating a barrier to prevent the baby from moving out, you have to be extra careful while doing this. This is why every parent should have a clear understanding about the material and specifications. We have managed to write up some of these to help you get what you are looking for.

Factors to consider while buying baby safety fence

Flexible - The basic baby gate or play yard Singapore is easy to adjust and flexible for multiple configurations. With flexible joints for the playpen, it can be placed into different shapes at different places of the house.  

Easy installation – Easy installation is important. At Raab Family, all our play yards come with very clear instruction manual. Most of our playpens are also already pre-assembled to save you the hassle of doing it.

Non-Toxic Material – The material of the playpen and play mat is very important. Do remember to choose those which uses non toxic material and BPA free. Raab Family products are all non-toxic with safety test certificates.

When to install baby safety fence or a play mat?

We encourage all parents to purchase the play mat and play yard with perfect fit at the earliest. You can even use the playpen and play mat as an alternative to a baby cot.

It is better to do this early because we would not know how fast our babies develop. They might be crawling or climbing or walking faster than we anticipate. Kids can wander across a room just within the fraction of a second. Baby safety fence Singapore is really important to protect your baby. The baby play yard can be place anywhere in the house but it would be better to place it in a place with good ventilation.

In order to buy certified and safe baby safety gates, baby crib, foldable play mat, or even best play yard Singapore, please visit Raab Family online sore. We will definitely provide you with the quality and safe baby products.