How can you make your home baby proof?

How can you make your home baby proof?

When your first baby is about to be born you start looking around your house through completely different perspective. Your top priority of course becomes to offer safe and secure surroundings for your precious new member. And once that baby starts crawling on the ground you need to do everything to minimize potential risk lying in every, edge, door, corner, and cabinet of the house. What you need to babyproof your home depends on the furnishing of your house. However, there are some essentials items that you can consider buying to keep your kid safe. Let us check them out one by one.

Baby Safety Fence

A safety gate is a must-have for babies in pretty much every home, to keep your little adventurer out of areas that are not child-safe. This baby safety fence Singapore is expandable, sturdy, and uses non-toxic materials. Your little one can be in the play yard safely and you can be doing your own chores.

Edge Bumpers

Sharp corners on furniture such as coffee tables, beds edges, and TV cabinets can have you constantly in terror as you have a baby on your hands hanging around the furniture. That’s where corner covers can help to protect your tiny tots from bumps. These bumpers are transparent and they blend as much as possible while performing their job, and they stay intact in place.


A playpen works as a safety equipment to safeguard your toddler while you catch up on household work, or get ready for work. Playpens are very safe, good-looking, and flexible, and easily pack away. RaaB Family offers best playpen is easy to set-up and can be configured into any shape.


The best playard Singapore will serve baby appropriately for several years. It's a safe and portable place for your baby to sleep and play. The main advantage of getting a play yard for your baby is that it provides parents with a safe space to keep their kids away from risks of getting injured in the home. You can purchase a play yard to create a safe play space that can be set up in seconds.

These are some of the so many must-have products in your home to ensure that it is a safe space, where your baby can play, explore, and grow without the need to always be on your guard to protect him or her.