When Should I Transition My Toddler from a Crib to a Bed?

When Should I Transition My Toddler from a Crib to a Bed?

Crib or cot for a baby is the safest spot to put your baby to sleep without the fear of falling down. It helps in promoting independent sleep in your child from a very young age which is really important to the child. Crib can accommodate your baby till she/he is a toddler and they will enjoy having a good sleep while having their favourite toys lying around. New born and toddlers spend most of their time while sleeping and they will need a space where they can lie around all the time. Keeping your baby safe while they are sleeping so that you can finish your work is an important consideration when you have a baby below 3-4 years of age.

When you have a baby crib in your home, you can lay down your baby in it for sleeping, and focus on finishing your household chores or office work that might be difficult otherwise. Other than these innovative beds for your baby, you can get playard Singapore to install as a safety barrier to avoid unnecessary motion and keeping them safe from getting any injuries.

How to ensure safety for your kid during sleep?

  1. Get soft and firm mattresses as well as pillows so that you are providing enough comfort to the baby. Make sure the width is not much and the space between the mattress and bed should also be less.
  2. Do not use extra padding in the crib or the bed around your kid and it is important to ensure that the baby is lying on his back to sleep.
  3. The space where baby is lying or the baby cot should be placed away from anything like sockets, drapes, curtains, cords, or other hazards.
  4. New parents need to check that they have covered all the sockets, put covers on the edges of furniture, locked all drawers and cupboards so that the baby is not reaching there to get either hurt or locked in the spaces.
  5. A playard also plays a great role as you can use it to make a boundary, put it in an open space with toys for your child to play with themselves.

Depending upon the age of your child, you can consider if you want to borrow or buy a crib. RaaB Family provides most affordable and premium accessories for baby that you can get to keep at your home. Having a new baby is going to leave you with little sleep. It is important to understand that if your toddler isn’t ready to sleep or to go to bed that means lesser sleep for everyone. When your kid is relaxing, you have the opportunity to take a rest and relax or do your important works that’s otherwise not possible.