4 Benefits of Organic Cotton Covers for Babies

4 Benefits of Organic Cotton Covers for Babies

Welcome to parenthood! 

Every new parent wants their little one to have the best start to their life.

Probably, you must have purchased natural food products to ensure your baby remains healthy from inside, the best toys, a brand baby crib, and showering with endless love and pampering.

But what about their skin? What kind of products are you applying on the baby’s skin? Is it good or bad?

With the ongoing trend of using natural items for kids, more and more parents are opting for organic cotton covers and products.

Some of the benefits of using organic cotton covers for infants are:


RAAB Family Cotton Cover Wearing By the Baby

1.     Softer and comfortable

Do you know the stratum corneum (SC) also known as the 'skin barrier in a baby’s skin is nearly 30% thinner than an adult’s skin?

It means a baby’s skin is more prone to dryness and irritation caused by using inappropriate fabrics.

RAAB Family Cotton Cover Wearing By the Sleeping Baby

Babies often become cranky, and restless if they are wearing anything uncomfortable. 

It’s better to use organic cotton covers that are lighter, breathable, comfortable, and feel softer on their skin.


2.     Free from harmful toxins

Synthetic covers are made from inorganic products or from chemicals.

Using such baby covers can be very harmful as their skin absorbs chemicals faster and can develop skin problems and even trigger allergies.

Organic cotton covers are made of natural products that are grown and prepared without using any harsh chemicals.

It is the best choice for sensitive skin and to prevent any baby skin problems.


3.     Better for skin

Have you ever noticed itchy and red rashes on your baby's skin after using fabric covers made up of synthetic or wool?

Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate and such covers make their skin more vulnerable to redness and blemishes.

RAAB Family Highlighting Baby Skin

On the other side, cotton is a lighter and breathable fabric that is easy on sensitive skin like a baby’s during the early months of life.

4.     Lasts longer

Unlike other fabrics, organic cotton covers are much stronger and can last longer. 

Instead of buying a new set of baby covers or clothes every month, one good quality organic cotton cover will last for years.

This is because organic cotton is chemical-free and its elastic fibers have not been damaged by inorganic products during the growing process.

No matter how many times your baby wears it or you wash it, it will sustain any rough handling.


In summary..

Whether you are becoming a first-time parent or welcoming another life to complete your family, make sure you provide the best to your child.

By shifting to organic covers, you’re ensuring your baby stays happy and itch-free for years.

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