How To Clean Natural Latex Mattress

  • Remove the Cover
  • Add organic or natural liquid soap to water: Add a few drops of organic or natural liquid soap to warm water. Agitate the mixture with your hand until bubbles form.
  • Use a white cotton cloth: Dip a plain white cotton cloth into the soapy water. Squeeze it out gently to remove any excess water. Spot clean the mattress.
  • Dampen a second white cotton cloth: Dampen another cloth under warm, running water. Gently squeeze the excess water out. Wipe away the soapy solution from the mattress.
  • Let the mattress dry: Allow the mattress to completely air dry before you replace the cover.
  • Keep in mind that you should never expose your latex mattress to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can break down the cellular structure of a latex mattress. Always be sure to let your latex mattress air dry inside and in the shade.
  • Do not use bleaches.