What to avoid when you are buying baby safety fence?

What to avoid when you are buying baby safety fence?

When you visit any online store to buy products, there is a lot that’s going on in your mind. There is so much to consider before you proceed to check out for any particular item you are getting from the online store. When it comes to shopping for a baby, one needs to be extra attentive to take proper care and find something that will be non-toxic and safe. It is always important to check the specifications, quality, dimensions, and all to make sure no accident will happen in future when you are using it. When you buy a baby safety gate check out the following to confirm the safety of your toddler -

1. Easy to Use

The baby safety fence Singapore should be pre-assembled so that parents do not need to spend a lot of time assembling it. There are many sorts of baby playpen available, their difference are mainly in design, weight, size and color.

2. Slats Gap

The recommended gap between the slats should be at most 3 inches. Wider gaps may allow children squeezing between or even getting stuck within. The lath should also be vertical to prevent babies from climbing over the play yard. 

3. Height

To prevent your curious baby from climbing over a gate, you should buy one at least three-quarters of your child’s height which means a minimum of 22 inches/58 cm height for safety.

4. Size and Flexibility

Make sure to look for a baby playpen that is flexible in size and shape. It would be better to purchase a baby safety fence which is able to dismantle the individual panels to make it smaller or add more panels to make it bigger. Flexibility in shape would also allow the play yard to be used in different configuration.

5. Sturdy Construction

Safety gates should be sturdy and not movable. Try finding one with sturdy construction and a smooth finish. Do purchase from a seller who is able to provide support if you require it.

6. Other Features

Depending on your requirements, you may want a safety fence to place around a baby playmat. At Raab Family we are the one and only seller that have a variety of perfect fit playpen with playmat. This would mean that there would be no gaps between your playpen and playmat. This would make the playard safer as your child would not trip on any gaps. The playpen would also be more stable as it would be sitting on a flat floor.

7. What Not to Buy

Do note purchase playpens that emit toxic chemicals. Some wood playpens are not formaldehyde free which is bad for our baby. Also try to purchase a perfect fit play yard and playmat if possible. This would make it very safe for your baby.