A Baby Engaging in Tummy Time

What is Tummy Time and What Does it Do for Your Child?

Tummy time is a seemingly simple activity that can do wonders for a child’s physical growth. Often recommended by paediatricians and child development experts, tummy time involves placing an infant on their stomach while they are awake and supervised to promote their healthy growth. Learn more about the benefits of tummy time for babies and how you can ensure a safe time for your little one here.

1. Strengthens Neck and Shoulder Muscles and Core Strength

Tummy time requires you to place your baby on their stomach and encourage them to lift and turn their heads. In doing so, they’re engaging in a natural workout that contributes to the strengthening of their neck and shoulder muscles, which is crucial for visual tracking abilities, head control, and the development of motor skills. Not only that, tummy time also works your baby’s core muscles to build a strong and stable core essential for proper posture in their later years. 

2. Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

Also known as plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome is a condition in which one side of the skull is abnormally flattened. This usually occurs in infants, typically due to prolonged pressure on one part of the baby’s head. When the soft bones of an infant’s skull are still forming, they can be moulded by pressure, especially if babies are placed on their backs for extended periods. Tummy time helps to prevent flat head syndrome by keeping their head away from the ground and distributing head pressure more evenly throughout the day. 

3. Develops Gross Motor Skills

A Baby Attempting to Crawl

Babies are made to push up on their arms and eventually learn to crawl during tummy time. This plays a pivotal role in gross motor skill development, which will lay the foundation for their sitting, standing, and walking abilities. To ensure your child’s safety during tummy time, especially in older and more active children, place them in a play pen laid with baby playmats to protect them from safety risks.

4. Improves Visual and Cognitive Development

As babies lift their heads to look around them, they are provided with a different perspective of their surroundings. This enhances their visual and cognitive development by processing new visual stimuli, which is key for the maturation of babies’ brains. 

5. Enhances Sensory and Motor Integration

Placing your baby on their stomach exposes them to various textures and surfaces, especially if your floor is laid with colourful baby playmats. This combination of visual, tactile, and motor experiences contributes to sensory development and helps to foster a more well-rounded development wherein sensory and motor skills are integrated. 

6. Aids in Digestion and Reducing Discomfort

While lying on our stomach after a heavy meal isn’t the best thing to do, it can actually aid your baby in relieving discomfort associated with gas and indigestion. The gentle pressure on the baby’s abdomen during tummy time can facilitate the natural movement of gas to provide relief and promote overall digestive health. However, it should not occur immediately after a meal, but rather, about 20 to 30 minutes later. 

Incorporating tummy time into your baby's daily routine is a simple yet effective way to promote holistic development. As your little one gains strength, refines motor skills, and explores the world from a different perspective, you can rest assured that you are laying the groundwork for a healthy and thriving future. 

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