Things to consider if you have babies at your home

Things to consider if you have babies at your home

Babies are very curious especially in their early years. Between the ages of 6 and 12 months, they start to get be curious about everything. Anything they can find may go into their mouth. They can also pull chairs over, fall down stairs and open cabinets and drawers. They can get into danger in a few seconds. Most injuries can be prevented if you watch your baby carefully and childproof your home. Look at every aspect of the room and home from your baby’s point of view. This will help you make sure the surroundings are safe for your baby and helpful for them to explore and learn.

Always Watch Your Baby

Babies and toddlers in their early years are very hyperactive and they can choke, fall down, and hurt themselves very quickly. Injuries can happen when you are busy in your chores such as cooking, cleaning, or talking on the phone. If your baby is doing something risky, gently move or engage them in something else. You can also get a baby cot or playmat for your little one’s safety.

Safety against water

Drowning is often seen as a major cause of death and injury in young babies and kids. This is true particularly for places where there are swimming pools. It’s important to make sure that you never leave your child alone around a pool. Close the doors to your pools on all sides and lock your gates.

Make Home Safe for Your Baby

When you notice that your baby starts to crawl, it is time to make your house childproof. This is because your baby can choke on anything small enough to fit in their mouth.

  1. Always implement covers on electric sockets.
  2. Buy cable organisers to keep electric cords such that they are not scattered on the floor.
  3. Make sure heaters and vents cannot burn your baby.
  4. Put a safety catch on cabinets and drawers with which they can get hurt.
  5. Put safety gates or playpen to protect your baby.
  6. Cover windows and lay protective rails over the balconies.

Bathroom and Kitchen Safety Tips

  1. Put a protector on the door to avoid it being slammed.
  2. Be with your baby while giving a bath.
  3. Do not hold baby near the stove when you are cooking.
  4. Do not carry him or her while you eat hot food or drink hot beverages.
  5. Install safety locks to the cabinets.

Buy accessories to keep them safe

  1. Get a baby crib in which you can keep your baby such that he sleeps while being safe and there is no risk of falling down.
  2. A playpen Singapore or safety fence is great accessory that you can place around your baby creating a boundary such that your tiny tot plays while being in his territory.
  3. Buy coverings for table and other furniture to prevent knocking into it.

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